Community West Bank

"Thank you for introducing our company, Community West Bank, to the power of on-screen advertising. We have been advertising with On the Wall for over 2 years now and I continue to be pleased with the results.
As you know, Community West Bank began on a very small scale by highlighting the names of our employees who volunteered for community service. The “buzz” was almost immediate, not just with our employees but with their friends and family who reported that they “saw their name in lights”. From this, we decided to test our own advertising, promoting the Bank’s products and services and I have heard some very interesting stories from our branch personnel. From the current customer that decided to open a line of credit because he realized he needed it after seeing our ad, to a new business person who decided to come in to learn more about our lending programs, to a citizen that saw one of our lenders and realized he went to high school with him and stopped in, the “buzz” continues!  
I would like to note that I’ve been impressed with the types of ads that can be displayed in on-screen advertising as well. The days of a static business card or power point slide show are over.
Thank you for helping us to widen our media mix to include the obvious target – the local, movie-going, captivated audience."  

Lynette Coverly
VP Marketing 
Community West Bank

CalTerra Trattoria

"The ad on the wall is the most effective tool we have used since opening our Italian restaurant in Atascadero. I have used coupons, all the print media and none come close to the response from the ad on the wall at the galaxy theatres."

Tom Burke
CalTerra Trattoria

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District

"Thank you so much your help with our advertising. Showing MTD ads at the movies has been a great marketing choice for us. When our ads are running we know it because folks outside MTD frequently comment about seeing the ad. You have been straightforward and easy to work with. I look forward to continuing our business with On The Wall."

Sarah Herbold
Assistant Manager of Marketing and Customer Service
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District

Food Processors Credit Union

"I wanted to send you a note to let you know how pleased we are with our advertising choice! Our campaign “Coming Soon to Riverbank” has been successful in not only getting the “word out” but also getting our “name out” to the community.
One of our ads feature a picture of our entire staff and now it’s not uncommon to receive comments from both members, as well as non-members, that they saw us at Galaxy. This has truly boosted staff morale. Being a relatively small credit union with an even smaller marketing budget, I was a little hesitant, at first, when I saw he cost for on-screen advertising with your company. Now, after completing a 6 month contract with On The Wall, I have no hesitation what so ever in renewing and increasing our contract term to 12 months."

Sandy Smith
VP Branch Development
Food Processors Credit Union

Red's Old 395 Grill        

"Thank you for your assistance with our movie screen advertising!
I must admit that advertising is usually very difficult to track. Having been in the restaurant industry for 17 years, I have found very few ways of monitoring our return on investment, other than coupons. We were fairly skeptical about on-screen advertising because we were sure there was no way to track our investment. Once we attached a discount to the movie ticket stub, we were able to see exactly how your advertising was affecting our bottom line.
Within the first week of the month, we captured enough sales to pay for the advertising itself. By the end of the month we are usually ringing in 3 times the amounts that we spend on the ad! The results are amazing! Since movie goers tend to be out for a night on the town anyway, there are almost always additional sales that we would have not realized without grabbing their attention at the theatre.
I would recommend this form of advertising to anyone who would like to increase their bottom line! Not only is the advertising itself extremely effective, you and your company has been an absolute delight to work with! You have always been there to answer questions, help with production and help us communicate with the theatre itself. We could not ask for a better experience!
Thank you again for all that you do! It is a pleasure to work with you Rik!"

Christine Adams
Director of Marketing

Law Offices of J. Michael Gallagher            

"I have been advertising with On The Wall since 2003 and I have watched my business and profits grow since then. It impressed me so much so, in fact, that I opted to begin advertising my other business, Maggie’s Vacation Rentals, on the screen as well.
I find on-screen advertising to be not only a unique advertising medium but a productive one as well. With an audience that’s glued to the film screen, as opposed to one surrounded by distractions at home, I have found that I receive more feed back from my on-screen ads than I do from any other forms of advertising. Clients frequently inform me that they first took note of my law firm after seeing my on-screen ads at the Galaxy Monroe and I have seen the effect that running an ad consistently for 8 years has on my visibility in the community.
In addition, Rik Zelman has been an amazing help and is always there to assist. I would not like to imagine how my business would have fared over the years without On The Wall. This company has become a valuable resource for me and I hope to continue advertising with them for many years to come."

J. Michael Gallagher
Attorney at Law

bottom tape

"A terrible thing happens when one doesn’t advertise… Nothing"-PT Barnum