Imagine your ad shown on a screen that is over 2 stories tall,
to a captive audience that can not turn the page or change the channel

Cinema advertising offers the geographic targeting of consumers right in your neighborhood.

  • 222.7 Million People went to the movies last year, up 3% over prior year (2010 MPAA Study)
  • Moviegoing is America's #1 leisure activity - 96% of moviegoers go with at least one other person (2010 OTX The Moviegoer eXperience)
  • 2010 saw the record for the highest grossing film of all time with Avatar - $760.5MM (
  • The Total Average Age of the Big 5 Networks is continuing to grow older, 51.6 years old (Horizon Media)
  • Average Moviegoer is 25 – 39 years old (2010 MPAA Study)
    • 72% go to eat before/after the movies (1)
    • 96% go shopping before/after the movies (1)
  • More people went to the movies in 2010 than attended Theme Parks and Sporting Events combined (2010 MPAA Study)
  • Adults ages 21 or older are 2x more likely to go to the movies than to bars/nightclubs once a month or more (2010 MRI Doublebase Study)
The Audience
  • Moviegoers represent a younger, more diverse, and more affluent audience
    • While TV gets most of its viewing Mon-Thu, 69% of Cinema's audiences are on the weekends, a perfect complement to TV (2)
    • Similarly, Cinema's most popular time of year is during the summer months (May-Sep), when TV viewership is at a low (2)
    • Cinema has a higher concentration of A18-49 (54%) than primetime broadcast TV (average 42.9% across all networks) (2)
    • The average HH Income of moviegoers is $83,700, which is +15% higher than the average US person (2010 MRI Doublebase Study)
    • 85% of all Hispanics and 73% of all African Americans go to the movies (1)
  • Moviegoers are out and about
    • 42% go to eat before/after the movies (1)
    • 16% go shopping before/after the movies (1)
  • 92% of moviegoers attend the movies with someone else (3)
  • 42% of moviegoers attend with a spouse/partner/date (3)
  • 34% of moviegoers attend with friends (3)
  • 28% of moviegoers attend with kids (3)
  • Moviegoers find cinema ads 65% more memorable than local newspaper ads (3)
  • 73% of moviegoers who are familiar with a local business demonstrate the likelihood to purchase; +46% stronger than the average moviegoer (3)

Cinema advertising campaigns deliver return on investment through high recall and purchase intent.

Longer running campaigns deliver…

  • 76% recall advantage over short-term campaigns (3)
  • Twice the purchase intent advantage over short-term campaigns (3)

(1) NRG, American Moviegoing 2010
(2) Nielsen Media Research 2010: Interview Questions and Galaxy Explorer
(3) Screenvision/ Frank N. Magid Associates Oct/Nov 2005

For more information, visit the Cinema Advertising Council’s website:

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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time"-Henry Ford